Bike Hire on Inis Mor Island
The Aran Islands - Ireland

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Aran Islands Bike Hire - Inis mor -Island

Inis Mor Island - The Aran Islands
TELEPHONE ++353 (0) 9961132     MOBILE: ++353 (0) 87 2470900

Aran Bike Hire is located on Inis mor Island. It is a family owned business that provides premium bike hire for people visiting Inis Mor Island,  Aran Islands. There is a wide range bikes available for hire for people visiting the Inis Mor either for the day or for a holiday. Aran Bike Hire is conveniently located at the beginning of the pier on Inis Mor Island when you get off the boat so you don''t need to walk for ages to find a bike.

Aran Bike Hire also provides you with a free map of Inis Mor which details the Islands hidden treasures as well as the more famous ones and gives this map free before you get on the boat so you time to make decisions about where you cycle to.

As the island is small the best way to explore Inis Mor island is by bike!!! and as such has become a national traditional for local and international tourists. Most people who visit the Inis Mor island will hire a bike and cycle to Dun Aongahasa which is a world heritage site located on 300m cliff and is just 8 kms from the pier where the Aran Islands ferry will drop you off. On this 8km cycle which over 200 000 people per year you will literally be cycling through an outdoor museum of ancient artifacts, villages, forts, lighthouses, and standing stones.

You will also be finding yourself cycling past thousands of man made stone fences and which criss cross the entire island. You will also be cycling past world class beaches and near majestic cliffs, farm animals, and breath some of the freshest air in the world. Our Bikes include: Gents & Ladies Suspension bikes - City Bikes - Tandems -  Tag Alongs - Trailer Bikes -Kids Bikes


The fort of Dun Aonghasa  (on the cliffs to the left) is 30 minutes by bike.  The well defined (see map) Ring of Aran provides the best stopping points along the way.



View The Ring of Aran - Inishmore The Aran Islands in a larger map


Aran Islands Bike Hire provides premium Bike Hire for your trip to the Aran Islands. We ensure comfortable and safe fitting bikes for your journey of Inis Mor Island - The Aran Islands